Thursday, March 26, 2015

1 Week & 1 Day!!!

Just a little update... Our PM called yesterday to inform us the house is complete. Woohoo! Of course we snuck by to take a look today. :) We have a few items that need to be addressed cosmetically, but overall it is looking good! 

Our Beautiful Kitchen!

Looking into the Family Room

LOVE Our Fireplace!

Our Final Walk Through is scheduled for Monday at noon. We also have our private inspector coming out Monday at 5pm to take a look at the finished product. As long as all goes well with our inspection, Thursday we sign the closing paperwork. Therefore moving back the day we get the keys to Friday instead of Thursday as planned. Good Friday at that! 

This weekend we are headed to a home & remodeling show to get some ideas. As well as to do some major shopping! A few things on our immediate list are a couch, barstools and a kitchen table. We also need to take a look at blinds for the house. And I need to decide on a comforter set for our master bedroom! I am stuck between these two... Decisions decisions! 

I ended up purchasing both comforter sets! The first set will go in our master bedroom and the second is going in the guest room.

Monday, March 23, 2015


This past weekend we took a little road trip up to Detroit for the Supercross dirtbike races. We enjoyed the day in Greektown then headed to Ford Field for the races. So fun!



Detroit Supercross

On our way home we made a pit stop at Ikea! I have been waiting for this shopping excursion for a VERY long time! My Aunt & Uncle had gotten us a gift card that I just could not wait to use! This was our first trip to an Ikea. (The closest is either Canton, MI or Pittsburgh, PA - Both about 2 1/2 hours away.) Such a neat place! I loved that you could actually see all the products displayed in real room settings such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, etc. It really made it easy to visualize how things would actually look in our own house. We ended up taking home a bunch of goodies! (Including a Bamboo plant!) Here a just a few pics below.


Wine Rack

Cute Napkins

Thursday, March 19, 2015

2 Weeks 2 Weeks!!!

Just 2 weeks until we get our keys!!! Today we stopped by the house and we are completely sided! To our surprise, the carpet had been installed throughout the house as well. We now have running water, toilets, and of course electricity! Things are moving right along!


Close Up

Outside Lighting Fixtures


Complete Powder Room

St. Patrick's Day!

Well before we headed out to celebrate St. Patty's Day we had to stop by the house. The backside of our house had been sided, the front just barely started. Inside we found lots of goodies! All of the lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, outlets, light switches, registers, thermostat, speakers, smoke detectors, and doorbell had been installed. 

Lots of celebrating was done after we left the house. :)

Foyer Lighting Fixture

Thermostat & Light Switch

Door Bell

Dinette Lighting Fixture


Island Outlet

Basic Lighting Fixtures

Master Bath Shower Doors

Master Bath Lighting Fixture

Brushed Nickel Bathroom Fixtures


Just a little siding on the front.

St. Patty's Day Selfie

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Keys in 3 Weeks!!!

We got an email today stating our Pre-Settlement Demonstration will be March 30th! Our Settlement date is scheduled for April 2nd! The countdown is officially on! :)

Today we also stopped by the house. The first thing we noticed was the porch concrete had been poured and pillars have been installed. Our address was hung on the outside of our house too! (So official!) Also a big bundle of siding was delivered! And the backyard was graded. Inside the house, the mantle and slate surround was mounted. Lastly, the house has also been prepped to paint. I cannot believe our house will be finished in 3 short weeks!

Construction Zone

LOVE our Porch!

Our Address!


Mantle & Slate Surround

Our Future Home!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Cabinets & Countertops Ohh My!

We snuck in our house today after getting a call from our PM saying our cabinets and counter tops were installed. I just couldn't wait to see them! I absolutely LOVE our kitchen so far! So much cabinet space! And I REALLY like the way our countertops look as well! We noticed the trim was also installed, doors, mirrors, and railings hung. Yay! It's getting closer to completion! 

Our Kitchen!

Travertine Silver Formica

Timberlake Rushmore Maple Linen


Our First Kitchen Selfie 

I actually really like the natural color of this wood. Asked PM if we could just put a clear varnish over railing instead of staining.

Our PM did give us the go ahead to leave the railings unstained. We did have to submit a change order (at $0 of course) for this request. 

Flooring Preview

Thursday evening our laminate flooring was installed in the kitchen, dinette, mudroom, bathrooms, and foyer. I am happy with the selection we made, it is very neutral in color. We plan to switch out the flooring to a hardwood in about a year or so. 

Armstrong Ancient Slate Peacock Laminate

Kitchen/Dinette Area

Not super thrilled to see our registers filled with junk. Anyone else have this issue?

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Presents! Lots of Presents!!! My Mom & I stopped by the house today and were happy to find several surprises! 

Island Countertop

Our Cute Mailbox



Guest Bath Cabinet
*Top drawers do not open. Major BUMMER!
Cannot wait to paint these cabinets!

Master Bath Cabinet
*Top drawers once again do not open. 
Will be painting this cabinet as well.


Subfloor & Vinyl
Workers were there while we were visiting and said sub-flooring & vinyl should be completed this evening!

Basement Wall Insulation

Neighbors House
Siding color in question. We chose Graphite Grey siding and this looks very "Grey" to us. Its hard to tell from the picture but in person it is grey. We are waiting on a call back from our SR or PM for color confirmation.

We received confirmation that our neighbor's house is Irish Thistle and our siding is Flint. Woohoo!