Thursday, March 5, 2015


Presents! Lots of Presents!!! My Mom & I stopped by the house today and were happy to find several surprises! 

Island Countertop

Our Cute Mailbox



Guest Bath Cabinet
*Top drawers do not open. Major BUMMER!
Cannot wait to paint these cabinets!

Master Bath Cabinet
*Top drawers once again do not open. 
Will be painting this cabinet as well.


Subfloor & Vinyl
Workers were there while we were visiting and said sub-flooring & vinyl should be completed this evening!

Basement Wall Insulation

Neighbors House
Siding color in question. We chose Graphite Grey siding and this looks very "Grey" to us. Its hard to tell from the picture but in person it is grey. We are waiting on a call back from our SR or PM for color confirmation.

We received confirmation that our neighbor's house is Irish Thistle and our siding is Flint. Woohoo!