Monday, March 9, 2015

Cabinets & Countertops Ohh My!

We snuck in our house today after getting a call from our PM saying our cabinets and counter tops were installed. I just couldn't wait to see them! I absolutely LOVE our kitchen so far! So much cabinet space! And I REALLY like the way our countertops look as well! We noticed the trim was also installed, doors, mirrors, and railings hung. Yay! It's getting closer to completion! 

Our Kitchen!

Travertine Silver Formica

Timberlake Rushmore Maple Linen


Our First Kitchen Selfie 

I actually really like the natural color of this wood. Asked PM if we could just put a clear varnish over railing instead of staining.

Our PM did give us the go ahead to leave the railings unstained. We did have to submit a change order (at $0 of course) for this request.