Thursday, March 26, 2015

1 Week & 1 Day!!!

Just a little update... Our PM called yesterday to inform us the house is complete. Woohoo! Of course we snuck by to take a look today. :) We have a few items that need to be addressed cosmetically, but overall it is looking good! 

Our Beautiful Kitchen!

Looking into the Family Room

LOVE Our Fireplace!

Our Final Walk Through is scheduled for Monday at noon. We also have our private inspector coming out Monday at 5pm to take a look at the finished product. As long as all goes well with our inspection, Thursday we sign the closing paperwork. Therefore moving back the day we get the keys to Friday instead of Thursday as planned. Good Friday at that! 

This weekend we are headed to a home & remodeling show to get some ideas. As well as to do some major shopping! A few things on our immediate list are a couch, barstools and a kitchen table. We also need to take a look at blinds for the house. And I need to decide on a comforter set for our master bedroom! I am stuck between these two... Decisions decisions! 

I ended up purchasing both comforter sets! The first set will go in our master bedroom and the second is going in the guest room.