Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fully Framed Florence!

And we are officially framed! Once again I cannot believe how fast this is all coming together! It was such a great feeling to finally step into our future home! This truly has been a such a dream to build a home, let alone to build our first home! I am feeling very fortunate and lucky for this experience! 

We spoke with our PM Friday and he briefed us for the upcoming week. The basement and garage are currently being dried out so the concrete floors can be poured. The other item on the agenda is the roofing, which will be finished as well. 

Love it!

Front "Living Room"

Closet & Powder Room

Family Room looking at Fireplace

Kitchen/Dinette Area

Looking out our Kitchen/Dinette Area Slider 


Looking Upstairs & to the "Living Room"

My Future Office... The Loft!

Front Bedroom #3

Master Bathroom

Master Closet

Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Looking toward Middle Bedroom #2 (Left) 

Looking Downstairs