Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well We Finally Had Our Guardian Meeting...

Late better than never? Well a little update on our VERY last minute meeting with Guardian. Last Monday we received an email from the manager we had been working with at Ryan Homes stating we still needed to have our Guardian meeting. (We reminded them of this at our Pre-Con meeting as well...) So we receive an email from the Guardian Rep mid Tuesday, we reply Wednesday morning asking to schedule the meeting the next week since we already had our evenings planned out for the remainder of the week. Our SR who was copied on the email as well, replied back saying we needed to meet sooner to keep everything on track. And that the "standard hookups" (2 Cable & 1 Telephone hookup) meeting could be handled via phone or email...Wrong answer! We have reminded Ryan Homes on 3 different occasions that we had never met with Guardian. So of course like every other issue we have had when someone did not follow up on something it was just another urgency for Ryan Homes and an inconvenience for us. I replied back and kindly (Maybe not soo kindly?) stating it was RIDICULOUS that we were just now FINALLY being contacted by Guardian and we were not going to be inconvenienced again due to someone dropping the ball. I also explained that I will have my office set up at our home so we would need to go beyond the "standard hookups", therefore, a meeting would be necessary. I also explained that we had plans the remainder of the week and were leaving to go out of state on a snowmobiling trip for the weekend so we would not be available to meet until the following week. Needless to say she didn't respond. I copied her manager on my response as well as the Guardian Rep. Our SR's manager replied stating she understood our frustrations. (She has been great to us.) The Guardian Rep replied as well and called us to set up our meeting. He did say that this was a "He said she said miscommunication." whatever that means. And he had it documented that he had contacted us with no response back. (Not the case on our end, we did not receive any correspondence from anyone at Guardian previously.) He did suggest meeting at the house so we could get a visual where everything would be placed. (GREAT IDEA!)

So yesterday we met with our Guardian Rep. He was very helpful in explaining the best areas to place the items we chose. Our meeting lasted about 2+ hours! I was actually surprised, as I thought this would be a quick meeting. Also, he did mention that the wiring is going to be installed TODAY!

Here are our final selections:
  • Basic Home Wiring Package Included:
    • 2 Cable
    • 1 Telephone
  • Six Pack Wall Plate Outlets: $495
    • 4 Cable
    • 2 Data
  • Home Security System: $250 
    • 36 Month Agreement $39.99/mo. (First 6 Months Free)
  • Klipsch 5.1 Silver Audio System: $965
    • 5 Ceiling Installed Speakers
  • High Speed Digital Flat Panel Prewire: $440 
We ended up placing one of our cable outlets in the garage for a future TV. Chad also selected the Silver Audio System (Surround Sound) which we did not consider previously. It is a great idea as the speakers are set in the ceiling which helps remain as wire/cordless as possible. 

I keep going back in forth in my head about the Home Security System. I know there are many other options such as wireless available that offer a little more features at a lesser price and no cost to install. Most still do require the typical 36 month contract. But I guess the hardwire is nice because it is an actual unit behind the wall. Any thoughts?


We ended up nixing the Home Security System. We are going to go the wireless route after much debate. Wireless gives us more options, flexibility and additional features that would cost a ton to add on with Guardian. We have not chose a system yet, but we will be doing much research over the next month so we are ready to go at move in time.