Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Private Home Inspection

We found an inspector to come out same day! We were actually having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants Sunday afternoon and Chad's parents noticed a car parked next to them with a home inspection advertisement posted on the side of the door. I left my business card and a note to give me a call ASAP for a home inspection. Monday morning he gave me a call and set up a same day appointment! :)

We met at 4pm and the inspection lasted about 3 hours. Our inspector was VERY thorough and informative. Being first time home owners he really took his time and explained the functions of several aspects of a home that we did not consider the importance of. He pointed out many good items and a few items that could be improved upon. Overall he said he was happy with the work so far. 

Items to review:
  • Loose railing where capped wall will be upstairs.
  • Railing lumber was crooked on capped wall.
  • Insulation missing top portion of 2nd floor.
  • Exposed wood on outside of basement.
  • Exposed wood under fireplace bump out (exterior).
He took pictures of the above items. He is going to be creating a inspection report with pictures and recommendations that we should receive within 48 hours.

We were both very happy we had the inspection done. We plan to have him back for a final inspection and also a radon inspection in the spring. 

If you are building in NE Ohio or need a home inspection I HIGHLY recommend Dean White at Ohio Home Inspections, LLC.