Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Getting Framed!

WOW! What a surprise today! We were not expecting to find a half framed house on our visit today! As of Monday we just had a foundation! (And a ton of snow!) We did not get a chance to make it by the lot yesterday, but I am so glad we did today! Here are just a couple of pics. Tomorrow we will most likely have a fully framed house so I will be sure to post the finished product. :)

Reverse Elevation

I am absolutely in love with all the windows on the back of our house and our walkout basement! We plan to add a deck and a concrete patio area after we move in to take advantage of our outdoor living space. Also, the back of our house faces a tree line and farmland so we will have a very pretty view!

Just a few sneak peeks at our soon to be home! Looking out our master bedroom ceiling, fireplace & upstairs! I just love the rounded window at the top!