Monday, January 12, 2015


It's 11:10pm on 1-11! As you know, big things happen on easy to remember dates... Today is 1-11. This is an important date to me because my Dad's favorite number is 111. That has always been his semi truck number which has been a very prosperous and lucky number for him throughout his career. :)

So today we met with our Ryan Homes manager that we have been working with to go over a few of the very last details before our Pre-Construction Meeting this Wednesday! Bigger news! We wrote the check for the remaining balance of the earnest money! I know Chad was very nervous to write that check... He even wrote in the memo "Signing Life Away" lol! 

We met with Chad's parents for dinner this evening. We are very lucky to have their support and guidance through this process. They also have built a home before so it nice to be able to talk to them about their experience. It is truly getting very real and a little overwhelming thinking that we are really going to be first time home owners in the next few months! So many questions are going though both of our heads... Are we making a wise decision? Are we getting in over our heads? Are we purchasing too much of a house? Will that deal of a century pop up on the market after the fact? Ugh. Only time will tell. On a positive note, we are purchasing in a growing area that has great schools, lower taxes, central for both Chad and I for work, and close in proximity to several main highways.