Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rite Rug Selections

Here are the selections we have chosen! Well we made a few trips to Rite Rug... But our cabinet selections, countertop and exterior colors were pretty easy to choose.

Trip #1- Well meeting with Rite Rug was somewhat overwhelming and a little disappointing. I knew not to get my hopes up having read so many other blogs. The options were not that great, upgrades were pricey, and the rep was not very helpful. I got a little frustrated and decided not to upgrade anything. Chad did upgrade the upstairs bathrooms to a Level B tile (Brixton Bone) which I really was not a fan of. We also extended the vinyl into the dinette area, as carpet was standard. 

Original Carpet and Vinyl Options:
White Fox Carpet
Glenville Sandy Taupe

Trip #2- I took my Mom and Grandma to Rite Rug to get their opinion on the selections we originally chose. They were so helpful and gave me better ideas of what looked good together. I ended up changing the color of the carpet to a lighter selection and I also changed the vinyl flooring. I felt so much more confident about the choices we had come up with. While we were there we ran into another Rite Rug rep. She was very helpful and answered a few questions I had. I also ended up deleting the tile in the bathrooms and went with the vinyl as we will pick out tile we like a little better and have installed on our own. We also plan to change out the vinyl in the kitchen, living room, powder room, laundry room, and dinette to a luxury vinyl or laminate dark wood. We priced it out at Lowe's and can do it for about half the price Rite Rug was charging and get to pick a product we actually like.

Travertine Silver Formica Countertop
Ancient Slate Peacock Laminate
Wool Skin Carpet
Pavilion Beige Paint (Did not select paint package)

Trip #3- Chad and I stopped by Rite Rug yet again to take one last look. We decided to upgrade to the 8lb. padding to the family room and living room areas since we will be spending most of our time in these areas.