Thursday, January 1, 2015

The House Hunt...

We have been on the house hunt for almost a year now. 

First, we started off by looking at condo's… Nixed that. Then the fixer uppers… Nixed that. And then newer homes… 

We realized that the newer homes in our area are priced very close to what you could build a brand new home for. So after looking at countless homes that just didn't feel like "The One" our realtor suggested visiting a Ryan Homes model in the area.  

We met with a sales rep who was very informative and enthusiastic. She introduced to the whole Ryan Homes building process. We really liked how the whole process was structured and organized as you move along each step of the way. She showed us a few floor plans that might fit our needs. We discussed a new community in the area that we found interest in. There were a few lots left, one in particular had a walkout basement capability. I LOVE walkout basements as my parents have one and it has been priceless throughout the years. At that point I knew that lot was the one. 

Now to narrow down the floor plan for the lot...

We visited a Sienna model. I immediately fell in love with it! It was decorated so cute, white cabinets, dark floors, pops of blue decor, and very clean looking. I really liked the open layout even though the kitchen was a little small with minimal countertop space. But the upstairs was very spacious! The bedrooms were large, the master bedroom had a walk-in closet with a window, (LOVE!) and there was a second floor laundry room that was very convenient. Unfortunately, Chad was not a huge fan of the Sienna, and there is no option for a 3rd car garage with the Sienna like he had wanted. 

So we decided to take a look at the Florence Model. I was against it because I felt like it had extra space that really we had no need for. Specifically, a living room, and a loft. I felt like the living room would be an empty space as we would use the family room as the main entertaining room and I was not really ever a fan of a loft. But, Chad could get his 3rd car garage option! 

We went back and forth about the Sienna and Florence. I think the deciding point was realizing that with the Sienna we would be automatically adding the Morning room to accommodate my office area. By doing that we would essentially be at the same price point of the Florence with more square footage, an extra room, (living room) and loft. I could easily use the living room or the loft area as my office space. And of course we can't forget about the 3rd car garage! So with that being said I think we both agreed going with the Florence would be our best option. 

Visiting the Florence model really reassured our decision. This model was an Elevation D. It had higher peaks and a large porch on the front of the house. Absolutely adorable! I originally liked the included Elevation B of the Florence, but after seeing the D, I really had to have it! Walking in the house I was amazed at how the 9" ceilings made the first floor feel so huge! The kitchen had so many cabinets I couldn't even imagine filling them all up! Plus a walk in pantry! Perfect! And I actually took a liking to the living room area in the front of the house. I saw this area as becoming a formal dining area. The upstairs felt really bright with many windows in the loft. It actually was staged with a desk so it was really easy for me to envision my office in the loft. The master bedroom was a good size too. The secondary bedrooms were a little smaller than I had hoped but we would just be using them for guests for the time being. I was so glad we took a look at the model. Overall, Chad and I knew the house would be a better fit for us in the long run. 

The Florence Model Elevation D