Monday, January 12, 2015


Luckily, We Always Seem to Have Big Events Happen on Really Easy to Remember Dates!

  • Thanksgiving 2013- Saw Each Other for the First Time in Years.
  • November 29th 2013- Chad's Birthday/Black Friday Shopping.
  • NYE 2013- NY Trip
  • Valentines Day 2014- Chicago Trip
  • St. Patrick's Day- Chad Started His New Job & Moved Closer to Me.
  • May 27th- My Birthday! (Got a Little Bling for My Finger!)
  • 4th of July- Chicago Trip
  • August 4th- Chad's Mom's Birthday & Chad Started His Dream Job!
  • Halloween 2014- Signed Papers & Put Down a Deposit on Our New Home!
  • November 29th- Chad's Golden Birthday! (29 on the 29th!)
  • NYE 2014- Unofficial 1 Year Anniversary!
Halloween 2014

So anyways, on Halloween we had went to the Ryan Homes Model to speak with the Sales Rep. She informed us that as of November 1st the pricing would go up on the homes due to an increase in material cost and our incentives would be lost so it was crucial to sign the contract and put down a deposit if we were going to go forward. Granted this was at almost 6pm on a Friday night after work, we had a party to get to, (As well as pickup some costumes!) and our SR had plans with her family as well. So feeling pressured for time, a price increase, and loss of incentives we signed the contract. (Lesson Learned #1!) We very briefly went through the contract. Our SR told us to come back in the next couple days and we could review the contract in full as well as go over a few items we had expressed to her at that point that were incorrect on our Cost Estimate Sheet. 

Saturday, the next day we stopped at the Florence Model Home about an hour away from us. (See previous post for picture & a little description.)

Sunday, we visited our SR to review the contract and discuss the discrepancies we had told her about on Friday. First, she had us meet with a new SR to go over options. After reviewing we let the new SR know that we had an issue with one item in particular- a $5,500 lot premium fee that had been added. From the very first time we had met with our SR she had told us that there was a $5,500 lot premium because it was a walkout lot. But, that $5,500 had been waived. (Our relator was there to witness that as well. And I have at least 3 different cost estimate sheets previously showing no cost for the lot premium.) (Lesson Learned #2!) The new SR had gotten our original SR and asked her to come over to discuss this issue. At that point she had told us there was no more negotiation we signed a contract and that was it. She also had stated that she would give us our deposit back if we did not want to go forward. WOW! Not only did she push us off onto another SR but she went back on her word. And we still hadn't even reviewed the contract like she had said she would. Huge disappointment! So she gave Chad & I some time to discuss if we wanted to go forward or take our deposit back. We did not want to loose the lot or incentive so we ended up going forward but were not happy about it. We met with our realtor and discussed the issue. She agreed we should not have been charged the premium lot fee as she also was present when we were told it was waived. She said we should reach out to our SR and if no luck she would contact her manager. 

We did receive a phone call from our SR's manager. She was very nice and understanding of our situation and the discrepancies we had. She told us she was going to speak with the SR and would be back in contact with us. She contacted us back when she said she would and updated us with the information she had gathered. She had offered to meet us and discuss further a resolution. Going into this meeting Chad and I were very unsure if we really even wanted to continue forward with Ryan Homes due to the issues we had so far. We met with her for almost 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. She had answered all of our questions and concerns and leaving the meeting we felt so much better about going forward. We appreciated the time she took to listen to us and the steps she was taking to find us a solution.